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Pet Name: Joc 

Year of Graduation: the dark ages

Hometown: Charlottesville via the great white north (Canada)

What kind of bird would you be and why: I like to bring bright, shiny objects back to the nest- so- a starling, of course.


Isabel Sullivan



Pet Name: Izzy

Hometown: Charlottesville

Evans Van Liew



Graduation Year:  JMU 2021
Major: Social Work and Spanish
Hometown: Charlottesville
Favorite thing to do in your free time: Online shop and pet every dog I see
Fun fact: I have 4 beauty spots on my face and they are all on the same side!

Camille Fontaine 

Graduation Year:  UVA 2019  
Major: Psychology
From: Belgrade, ME
Fav free time activities: trying new eats around Charlottesville
Fun fact: I am staying in Cville to get my masters!

Favorite thing about Cville: all of the restaurants
Best item ever at finch?: unpublished denim

Madison Masloff

Graduation Year:  UVA 2021
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
What kind of bird would you be?: Emu! I have been told I can look like one at times
Favorite city to visit: NYC  
Favorite thing about Cville: the beautiful drives and hidden neighborhoods
Fav free time activities : work out with friends and make jewelry (sold at finch!) 
Best item ever at finch?: light wash distressed denim skirt by Hidden Jeans

Claire Bishop

Graduation Year:  UVA 2019
What type of bird would you be?: maybe an owl because I'm pretty calm
Pet name: Claire Bear (according to Joc)
Celeb Crush: Andy Sandberg
Fav thing about Cville : Bodo's of course!
Fav music to drive to: old school Jonas Brothers
Best city to visit: cville!
Best item ever at finch?: Mermaid kisses candles and fragrance from Shore Soap co.

Averi Bent

Graduation Year:  UVA 2020
Major: American Studies
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite thing about Cville: the restaurants!
Fav free time activities : watching vloggers on YouTube and going to spin class
Best city to visit: Philly or Boston!
Best item ever at finch?: all jeans by unpublished

Jess Mahoney

Graduation Year:  UVA 2020  
Major: Biomedical Engineering
From: Long Island, New York
Fav free time activities: hot yoga & painting
Fun fact: I am on the Virginia Dance Team- catch me on the field/court at home games!

Favorite thing about Cville: the wide variety of restaurants that offer gluten free food! Oh, and we are National Champions!!
Best item ever at finch?: all things freeeeeps

Hannah Douglas


Graduation Year:  UVA 2021
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Favorite thing about Cville: the restaurants
Fav free time activities : walking around grounds and hanging with friends!
Fun fact: I have at twin sister at JMU
Best item ever at finch?: all of the blue q socks!

Alyson Johnson (AJ)

Graduation Year:  UVA 2018
What type of bird would you be?: A male peacock- because I'm bold, talkative, and colorful
Hometown: Richmond,VA
Celeb Crush: David Beckham
Fav music : classic rock
Best city to visit: Berlin!
Best item ever at finch?: anything free people! especially the sweaters

Michelle Lynskey

Graduation Year:  UVA 2018
What type of bird would you be?: bluejay because my fav color is blue!
Hometown: Falls Church
Favorite thing about Cville: the wineries 
Celeb Crush: Ansel Elgort
Fav music to drive to: John Mellencamp with the windows down
Best city to visit: cville!
Best item ever at finch?: my unpublished denim jacket!

Barclay Gatten

Graduation Year:  UVA 2017, 2019
What type of bird would you be?: the Pheonix from Harry Potter because he's a badass bird and who wouldn't want to hang out with Dumbledore all day?
Hometown: Franklin, VA
Favorite thing about Cville: the people... so many of my loved ones are in Cville
Celeb Crush: Liam Hemsworth (look out Miley)
Fav music to drive to: more of an audiobook gal
Best city to visit: Budapest!
Best item ever at finch?: Currently looking in my closet to find my favorite clothes and they’re all from Finch
Every single one of my friends have worn this one honey punch dress. So it has sentimental value. It has a cloudy night sky pattern and is loose fitting but still makes you feel like a million bucks.

Sabrina Smith

Graduation Year:  UVA 2017
Our pet name for you: Sab
Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Favorite thing about Cville:the FOOD (mostly the endless gourmet sandwich options)
Celeb Crush: Both of the Hemsworth brothers (you've got some competition, Miley!)
Fav music to drive to: Lizzo with the windows rolled down!
Best city to visit: Capetown, South Africa
Best item ever at finch?: Free People dresses ALWAYS on point.

Kyra Grossmann

Graduation Year:  UVA 2018
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Favorite thing about Cville: the FOOD (especially Brazo's)
Celeb Crush: Jake Gyllenhaal
Fav music to drive to: Taylor. Swift. All day, every day.
Best city to visit: NYC
Best item ever at finch?: allll of the Kerisma sweaters- so comfy!!

Susanne Murray

Graduation Year:  Going back to school!
What type of bird would you be?: owl because I'm definitely more of a night person
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Favorite thing about Cville: wineries/breweries and their mountain views
Celeb Crush: Justin Timberlake
Fav music to drive to: country
Best city to visit: New York
Best item ever at finch?: Anything free people

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Photography: David & Sarah Longenecker